Self-Powered Indoor Space Heater and Stove

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Self-Powered Indoor Space Heater and Stove


From InstaFire, it's an indoor space heater that’s ALSO a convenient stove for cooking your meals! Comes complete with one 6-Hour Canned Heat Plus 3-Pack to get you started.

    • HEAT AND COOK indoors!
    • Use up to three canned heat units at the same time. 
    • SAFE to use INDOORS when used with 6-Hour Canned Heat Plus!*
    • Weighs only 7.6 pounds! Easy to transport.
    • Measures 11" L x 7.5" W x 5.25" H when used as a stove
    • Measures 11" L x 7.5" W x 10.75" H when used as a heater
    • Won’t reveal your LOCATION!
    • Space heater indoors warms up 200 square feet!

When circumstances require it, STAYING INDOORS is often your smartest option. Building a fire outdoors could give away your location. It's a way to become unnoticeable -- ungovernable! 

When the power grid fails again like it did for Texas during the winter of 2021 and terrorist activity in North Carolina in late 2022, you can stay warm. 

If you have the VESTA Self-Powered Indoor Space Heater and Stove by InstaFire, you won’t have to worry about a thing.

It will keep you WARM and WELL-FED.

With enough  6-Hour Canned Heat Plus*, you can last a very long time.

Plus it’s lightweight, portable, and easy to use.

This is your ultimate protection against our unknown future.

Make sure you have this unit. 

The Fan Turns on Automatically… Just Give It a Few Minutes
The fan motor operates on heat and must absorb enough of it in order to run.

It takes up to three minutes for the fan to begin spinning. It takes another five to eight minutes to reach its full speed and emit maximum heat. At that point, the fan will blow four miles per hour, just like a small electric space heater!