Extract Gevity

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Healthy Heart, Strong Immunity, Skin, Hair, Nails, Cognitive Health, Cellular Health, All Natural Energy Drink, Loaded with Antioxidants. Don't take our word for it, do your own homework on research that has revealed the benefits of red wine extract, bilberry extract, grapeseed extract, pine bark extract and vitamin C. 

"I have been taking the ingredients in this drink every day since 2005 that includes red wine extract, billberry extact, pine bark extract, & grape seed extract. Many people ask me where I get my energy and stamina that allows me to be so productive. In part my answer is this; I personally think the incredients in this energy and health drink have played a positive role in my good health and endurance." Brannon Howse


Serving size: 1 Teaspoon (Approx. 3.5g) with 30 servings per container.

Net weight 3.8 oz.