1-Year Emergency Food Supply (2,000+ calories/day)

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1 year is 24 buckets in 12 boxes at 41 pounds per box 

2,000+ CALORIES A DAY FOR SURVIVAL (This is 24 Buckets)


Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery due to historic demands for emergency freeze dried food. Thank you. 

This Ready Hour 1-Year Emergency Food Supply gives you 21 food varieties in thick, ultra-durable packaging for long-term emergencies. It will feed 1 person for 360 days when eating 2,000 calories per day.*

  • NO SKIMPING ON YOUR SURVIVAL – Meals provide 2,000+ calories per day on average
  • DECADES-LONG SHELF LIFE – Meals can be stored for up to 25 years**
  • NO FOOD BOREDOM – 20+ flavorful food and drink varieties
  • HIGH-QUALITY PACKAGING – Meals packaged in resealable, heavy-duty 4-layer pouches with multiple oxygen absorbers
  • DISASTER-DURABLE BUCKETS – Pouches sealed in 24 rugged, water-resistant buckets built for long-term storage (weighing 480 pounds)
  • EASY TO STACK AND STORE – Stack the 12" x 12" x 15 1/4" buckets to save space
  • HOMEGROWN – Made in the USA without MSG


    Our 1-Year Emergency Food Supply provides a single person with an average of over 2,000 calories per day for 360 days.

    Remember, calories are crucial to survival! Other companies skimp on calories, which isn’t just wrong—it’s reckless. You won’t be satisfied with 1,500 calories, and 1,300 calories will leave you starving. Don’t settle for less than what your body needs, especially in an emergency.

    As the original Patriot company, we take preparedness seriously. Our meal quality, calorie count, and price per calorie prove it—see for yourself!


    When each person in your household has a 1-Year Emergency Food Supply, you’ll be prepared for: 

    • Solar flares, terroristic attacks, or EMPs impacting the power grid
    • Extended military conflicts
    • Hyperinflation, soaring food prices, or food shortages
    • Economic collapse, recessions, or depressions
    • Destruction of food distribution infrastructure
    • Global natural disasters like meteor strikes and volcanic eruptions


    Where do you start? Preparedness advisers recommend having at least three months’ worth of food for every person in your emergency preparedness plan—which often extends beyond a single household to include adult children, grandchildren, friends, and neighbors.

    Get the food you need with our 1-Year Emergency Food Supply. With it, you can feed 1 person for 360 days, 2 people for 180 days, a family of 4 for 90 days, or even a family of 6 for 60 days! Regardless of the number of people you plan to feed with this supply, you will feel more secure knowing you have access to food no matter what comes your way.

    Building a food supply for your home, cabin, shelter, or bunker is a journey. Little by little, your stockpile will grow to meet your preparedness goals. Our 1-Year Emergency Food Supply will make a big impact on your stockpile!


    This emergency food supply is packed with 21 different food and drink varieties—all delicious, high in calories, and nutrient rich.

    To make each of these meals and drinks, all you’ll need is water. To prepare the entire supply, set aside 156.25 gallons of water in your emergency water supply.


    Consider the foods you already have as you build your emergency food supply.

    By adding our 1-Year Emergency Food Supply to your stockpile, you’ll have a more complete selection of foods that don’t need to be sorted through and replaced every year. Instead, you’ll have lasting flavor and freshness you can depend on for decades.

    While our 1-Year Emergency Food Supply offers an array of food choices, you can supplement your supply—or customize it based on your preferences and nutritional needs—with these popular emergency food additions:

    • Fruit, Veggie & Snack Mix – Enjoy essential vitamins and minerals with broccoli, corn, green beans, and more freeze-dried fruits and vegetables.
    • Mega Protein Kit with Real Meat – Bulk up your diet with protein-packed Beef Dices and White Meat Chicken—both freeze-dried—plus a variety of beans.
    • Ultimate Breakfast Kit – Get more Hot & Hearty Breakfasts plus Scrambled Egg Mix, Freeze-Dried Sliced Strawberries, and other breakfast favorites.
    • Beans Trio & Rice Kit – This assortment of versatile staples—including Black Beans and Long Grain White Rice—form a complete protein and are a must-add to your supply.
    • Gluten Free Food Kit – If you shouldn't have gluten in your diet, we’ve got you covered. This kit is filled with flavorful gluten-free foods!

    For a well-rounded emergency stockpile, consider adding these items:

    • Survival Shot by Ready Hour – Take these delicious, chewable tablets to get the vitamins and minerals your body needs in an emergency.
    • Emergency Water Pouch Case by Ready Hour – No access to water? These single-use water pouches will save you.
    • Deluxe Sprouting Seeds Starter Kit – Everything you need to grow a countertop garden! Get vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and more in three days or less.


      You don’t need to live in the heart of a hurricane zone or along an active fault line to be serious about emergency preparedness. If we’ve learned anything from both historical and recent events, crises come in all shapes and sizes—and they can come at any time, even overnight.

      Whether you’re experiencing the effects of long-term illness, an accident, or job loss—or widespread threats like terrorist attacks, economic collapse, or an outbreak of disease—you can tackle what’s next in confidence with our survival food in stock.

      No matter what your emergency may look like, you won’t have to worry about where you’ll be getting your next meal. And as far as your survival is concerned, there’s nothing more important than that.


      All Ready Hour foods and packaging undergo regular, rigorous testing to ensure they exceed industry standards for safety, quality, and shelf life.

      Ready Hour also conducts regular analytical, microbial, and oxygen level inspections, as well as sensory testing of raw materials and finished goods in a food-testing lab.


      When an emergency is on the way, My Patriot Supply receives a rush of orders that slows our ability to ship as quickly as usual from our warehouses across the country.

      Don’t wait for disaster to strike. Order before the storm to be queued up for lightning-fast delivery!

      It’s Not Just Food. It’s Freedom.

      *Some individuals may want or need more than 2,000 calories per day, such as certain adult men and pregnant and lactating women.

      **It's best to store this emergency food supply in a dry, cool location—a dark area, if possible—at temperatures between 55°F and 70°F. Actual shelf life may vary based on individual storage conditions. Unopened product pouches included in this supply retain their shelf life after buckets have been opened.

      Note: Based on inventory levels and supply shortages, Ready Hour may substitute a food or drink product or bucket with similar items of equal or greater value to expedite delivery.