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19th Annual Ozarks Worldview Weekend General Seating


Friday Night, October 14
Saturday October 15
Sunday Morning October 16, 2022
Price $99.00 

Speakers Include:

Dr. Peter McCullough: Internist and Cardiologist and Expert on Pandemics 

Brannon Howse: Author of 14 Books and Radio and Television Host

Mike Lindell: CEO of MyPillow 

Roger Stone: Author, Historian and Advisor to Numerous Presidents

Patrick Wood: Expert on Technocracy and Globalism

Anni Cyrus: Born in Iran and Expert on Middle East 

Dr. Lee Merritt: Former Military Surgeon and Expert on Bioweapons 

Dr. Andy Woods: Pastor, Lawyer and Expert on Middle East and Bible Prophecy 

Terry Turchie: Former Assistant Deputy Director of the Counter-Terrorism Division of the FBI

Leo Hohmann: Author, Journalist and Expert on Illegal Immigration and Border Crisis 

Karen Kingston: Former Pfizer Employee and Biotech Analyst


Please book your room at the resort and be sure to ask for the Worldview Weekend rate using the code: WRLD.


Margaritaville Lake of the Ozarks
494 Tan Tar A Drive
Osage Beach, MO 65065

For answers to additional questions please text Melissa Howse at 901-825-0652. Thank you